Norber McRedighter


(The stylized rune at the top of this page of The McRedighter Chronicles indicates it was written by the third and latest Chronicle Keeper, Norber McRedighter.)

My name is Norber McRedighter, and at the time of this writing, I am the current Chronicle Keeper. I was 31 when Banfuku killed my mother and father. My brothers Valru McRedighter and Tresk McRedighter were but infants at the time, luckily over-looked in Banfuku’s metholodical slaying of our clan village of Pitnac. I still to this day do not know how Colbear McRedighter survived.

At the time I was under the tutorage of my uncle, the previous Chronicle Keeper, Ghidell McRedighter. Seeing the blaze, he locked me in a cupboard and went to save our brothers. He kept us under his wing until he too fell to the Great End. He was an great gnome and an outstanding Chronicle Keeper. He was more of a father to me than the one provided by my blood. It is his death that most fuels the erupting anger in the pit of my stomach at the dispicable creature that calls itself Banfuku.

Banfuku’s raid was more than just genocide against our people. It came to capture the key needed to open his book of great evil. His mission was a success. But for reasons unknown, it has yet to unleash the book’s horrible dark magicks upon the world. Although it is a unfitting task for a Chronicle Keeper, it is my duty, as well as my brothers’, to prevent this unspeakable event from happening. Banfuku shall never open his book as long as my brothers and I live. I swear this in blood.

(At the bottom of the page is a small fingerprint of dried blood. Below it is a scribbled signature that reads “Norber McRedighter”.)

Norber McRedighter

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